Lavaliere Service and Repair 


Lavaliere Service and Repair 


Lavaliere Service and Repair

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Lavalier Service and Repair

• Is your Lavalier microphones, popping, intermitting, or simply have a bad connection or maybe, you just upgraded your transmitters from Sennheiser’s to Lectrosonics and your interested in rewiring your Lavalier audio input connection to a specific type of connector of your choice? 

(This service is great for sound mixers who are on the road, who don't have time, or unable to find a service near by)

Type of Connectors we currently offer for services

o 3.5mm Locking Stereo Mini -For Sennheiser G2/G3 Wireless Systems 

o TA5-F - For Lectrosonics Wireless Systems 


Types of Lavalier Microphones we could service

o Sanken: Cos-11

o DPA: 4060, 4061, 4062, 4071

o Countryman: B6, E6, B3, H6, EMW, B2D

o Sennheiser: ME2, MKE-2 

o Tram: Tr-50

o Sony: ECM-77

o Lectrosonics: M-152, M-119

o Oscar Sound Tech: OST-801, 802 

Note: If your model Lavalier Microphone not listed on our list, please contact us.


Problems which could be solved by our services

o Popping

o Intermitting

o Damaged Connector

o Upgrading Connector


This listing offers soldering/rewiring services for Lavalier microphones to be used on Lectrosonics and Sennheiser transmitters. 

What we do:

  1. First, we’ll start by diagnosing the problem with your Lavalier.
  2. Second, if we find that the problem is coming from the input connector, we’ll go ahead and remove it and resolder a new connector or one of your choice.

Note: If we find that the problem is coming from the Lavalier Microphones capsule, we will notified you Immediately, pack, ship, and issue you a full refund. 

Shipping & Handling not refundable (We offer a quick 24-48 hour turn around time)


- Please do not ship any accessories such as clips, windscreens, interchangeable protective caps, we will not be responsible if any misplaced items.

- Please pack your Lavalier Microphones securely to avid shipping damages.

- If you have more then on Lavalier Microphones that needs our services, please contact us for further details.


By purchasing this service, you agree to terms that we are not responsible for any damages that may accrue to your Lavalier Microphone during the reinstalation process. 

Due to 3-Pin LEMO back orders, we're currently not accepting rewiring for Zaxcom. 


Note:  I cannot be held responsible for any damages to your lavaliere microphones. By purchasing this listing you are agreeing to this. While I take every precaution while working on your unit there is still the possibility that the unit might not work afterwards.  There is also the possibility that while some units may have been somewhat working, they might not work at all when done.  Anytime you work on a unit there is the possibility that further components can short causing the unit not to function at all.  This can happen with any service company so just keep that in mind.  I think though that the low cost of the attempted repair outweighs the cost of having to get a new board.  Since your buying this service then something is wrong with the unit and warrants the attempted repair to begin with.